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Larissa has always had a passion for a clean home. After having their first baby she started to give back to other moms and help them keep their homes clean. It has now become a huge passion for their entire family and they all enjoy giving to others so they can help others earn their time back.


Life can be hectic with work obligations, relationships, recreational activities let alone raising a family. There are only so many hours in a day and sometimes we can’t get everything done. We know all to well that cleaning is often left behind with our busy schedules.

That’s where we come in, let us help you get some of your time back! Our experienced team of professionals know what it’s like to retreat to their own clean homes.

The time we save people is immeasurable & we can’t wait to help more people and families spend their time on things they love! 



Born and raised in Edmonton, Steven has worked in the construction industry most of his life. He is extremely passionate about kids and youth, doing lots of volunteer work at the YMCA before he had his own family! He’s excited to help other people and families have well-kept homes! He’s the watchful eye in clients homes to make sure their whole home is a safe and clean space.


Living in Edmonton for most of her life while getting her degree, Larissa never expected to love cleaning but found this hidden passion while managing their busy home of 4 boys as well as two dogs and three cats. Larissa is very attentive to their home being a clean space for everyone! She is the glue that holds Kleening Edge together. 

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