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COVID 19 Updates

As a part of our Kleening Edge family we want you to know our top priority is the cleanliness and health of your home. We are happy to report that we are open at this time and are following current guidelines for the province.


We will continue the following:


  • We are carrying a high-quality hand soap and hand sanitizer and will wash/sanitize our hands before and after every home.

  • Before and after each home we will disinfect our equipment.

  • We use a high-quality cleaner normally and we will be continue to add a disinfecting solution to our cleaners to give them extra power, while keeping the smell to a minimum.

  • If you don’t want us to use the disinfectant mixture please don’t hesitate to let us know, we will have our normal mixture on hand as well.

  • Our cloths are normally put through a 3.5-hour high heat sanitizing wash with antibacterial detergents then a 2-hour high heat antibacterial dry cycle.

  • We will also replace our cloths twice as often.

  • Our staff now can choose whether to wear a mask as restrictions have lifted. We can wear a mask if you request it. We have a very small team and we all take our health and the health of all our clients very seriously.

  • We will continue to have a team of no more than four (4) people in a home so that we are able to come and clean your home safely and efficiently. This helps minimize the amount of time we need to be in your home to help minimize risk and contact for both us and clients.

  • We will continue to monitor the situation and prepare ourselves accordingly. We have regularly been in contact with AHS and the CDC throughout this pandemic to ensure we are being the safest possible for us and our clients.

  • As a team, we are healthy and following all current safety guidelines.


If you or someone in your home is experiencing symptoms outlined by Health Canada as possible COVID-19, or have travelled outside of Canada in the two weeks previous to your clean please let us know.


From the bottom of our hearts thank you for supporting our small business during this time. We are so grateful to have such an amazing Kleening Family!


Thank you and stay safe and healthy,

Kleening Edge Team

Image by Martin Sanchez
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